Cover The Gray Natural Looking Hair

by Joni

Regular hair without any dye or colorant on it is not perfectly even when it comes to color.  Bleach is not a hair dye, but more of a stripping of color.  If you would like to use only 100% natural hair dye, then you will need to use plant based henna hair color.  Temporary hair colors and highlight treatments can color your hair without the need for harsh chemicals.

You may be wondering which natural hair color will be most affected by hair dye.  It does seem that Caucasian women (and men!) can color their hair just about any color they would like.  You never want to mix different hair dye products because they can potentially react in a harmful way, not to mention that you may get a very unappealing hair color at best.

Permanent dyes often contain hydrogen peroxide.  This helps to cover gray hair more effectively and can be used to lighten hair color, unlike other dyes.  Underground Color is a semi-permanent hair dye, which means it won’t wash out the next day. The law does not require that coal tar hair dyes be approved by FDA, as is required for other uses of color additives.

Using hair dyes as a solution does not allow for any gradual color change if you should ever feel that it was time to do so.  However, frequent applications would be required to sustain the color as the dye fades with time, exposure to the environment and the regular washing of your hair.

You will need to be careful when making a drastic change from one hair color to another and may need to allow your hair some time in between.  For example, you cannot easily go from a blue black color to red.  There are special processes that would need to take out the old color before you would be able to apply the new.

It can seem a bit confusing when you see the hair dye box with the model on the front.  While it may seem as though you will be able to achieve the same color, which may not be possible depending on what color your hair is.  In general, the color result that you will get is largely dependent on what your natural hair color happens to be.

The darker your natural hair color, the darker any dye color will also be.  If you have light or blonde colored hair, then your dye color will come out a lot lighter.  It really is important to follow the color guides on the sides of store bought hair color or ask the professionals in beauty supply stores what they would recommend for you.  That is the best way to ensure that you get the hair color that you really desire.

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