What Makes A Great Flat Iron

by Joni

As you may have noticed, perfectly straight hair is more popular than ever.  The best way to get gorgeously straight and soft hair is to use a Chi Flat Iron.

While high temperature straightening techniques can cause a lot of damage to your hair, used correctly the damage can be minimized.

Here are some tips for using a flat iron in the correct way to keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

1.)    Start by taking a look at how your flat iron distributes the heat along its plates.  Some flat irons, mostly those with metal plates, have an uneven temperature among the surface of the plates.

You hair could be severely damaged if one end of the plate has a temperature of 180c and the other of 210c. Chi Flat Irons and other straighteners with ceramic plates usually have an even distribution of the heat.

2.)    Also check the quality of the temperature control functions.  Flat irons with ceramic plates usually heat up and cool down quickly, which gives you greater control as you style your hair.  Your flat iron should also allow you to choose from a wide selection of temperatures.

3.)    Be aware that low temperatures will not really give you the style control that you need.  A good flat iron should have more than a max temperature of 150c to be effective.  Less heat will not give you a lasting hair style.

4.)    Only style your hair with a flat iron when you need to.  Using flat irons on a daily basis will harm your hair, so try giving your hair a day off whenever you can (at least once a week).

5.)    Use hair oils to protect your hair.  An excessive use of the flat iron will dry your hair out.  Use oils to help protect your hair.

6.)    Use flat irons (like the Chi Flat Iron) that use advanced technology like the infra red radiation and ionic technology.  These help to protect your hair and can even improve its condition.   Chi Flat Irons that have both technologies will keep your hair in the best condition.

Flat irons are as safe as many other hair style treatments.  Use them wisely and be careful so that you can enjoy the feeling of straight, silky smooth hair whenever you want.

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