Choosing A Shampoo and Conditioner

by Joni

There are hundreds of shampoos and conditioners available to choose from, ranging from the inexpensive Suave brand that can be purchased at the local pharmacy, to designer brands that are only available from salons and specialty stores.  With so many options and choices, how are you ever to know which are the best products for you?

It is helpful if you know your hair type.  If your hair is permed or colored, then it is fairly easy to know what type of shampoo and conditioner your hair needs.  If your hair is permed, then it is highly likely that you are seeing a stylist on a regular basis and he or she has suggested a product to you.  If your hair is colored, then you will want a shampoo that is gentle and will not strip the color from your hair.  Otherwise, is your hair dry or oily?  Is your hair thin, full bodied or coarse?

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Also think about the effect that you want the shampoo and conditioner to have on your hair.  Be aware of the claims made by some hair product manufacturers.  The only part that is regulated by the Food & Drug Administration is the list of ingredients on the back of the product bottles.  This means that the manufacturers can claim their products are moisturizing or add volume whether or not they actually do.

The best way to find great products for your hair is to ask others what they recommend.

For example, we recommend Biolage shampoos and conditioners because of their botanical ingredients and their gentleness.  They are also very moisturizing and help to maintain your hair’s strength and shine.

It is important to know that herbs and botanicals smell great, but that you should not go by smell alone.  The shampoos and conditioners that you use should feel good when you are using them and should rinse out easily, leaving your hair smooth.  When dry, your hair should still feel soft and easy to touch without knots or tangles.

It is also not necessary to use the entire hair product line from one manufacturer.  If you find a great shampoo but find that the matching conditioner leaves your hair feeling greasy, don’t use it.  It is perfectly okay to mix and match brands because the end result is what counts.  Find shampoos and conditioners that leave your hair clean and moisturized.

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